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"Those Who Say What Can't Be Done, Should Never Interrupt Those Who Are Doing It!"

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What is The SPAA?

The SPAA is the premiere, not for profit  "Speakers, Publishers & Authors Association" a membership organization founded in 2007, by a group of nationally acclaimed Professional Speakers, Publishers & Authors.  

The SPAA is dedicated to providing ongoing professional training and speaking opportunities, as well as resources to all members who are interested in developing or enhancing their speaking, publishing & writing skills, while providing equal opportunities for the professional publication & marketing of their works, entrepreneurship opportunities, professional recognition and more.

SPAA's primary goal is to prepare, empower & provide its members with an equal opportunity to make positive contributions to the speaking, writing, marketing & publishing industries regardless as to their religious, socioeconomic, racial, educational or handicap status.

mission is to provide equal access to professional forums, training and resources to individuals and  groups who are interested in creating, or enhancing speaking, writing, publishing and marketing of their respective works.

SPAA's clear vision is to maintain a position of authority & leadership as the premiere professional speakers, publishers, marketing & writing association by consistently providing innovative concepts & technology, economical and efficient means of developing, marketing and producing these works on both a national and international level.

The SPAA provides a variety of professional speaking, writing, marketing and publishing programs & services exclusively to  its members, including but not limited to the following;
SPAA Monthly Speaking, Marketing, Publishing & Writing Training & Contests
SPAA Radio & TV Hosting Opportunities and promotions
SPAA National Creative Speaking, Writing & Marketing Competitions (Contests)
SPAA National Members (50%) Loan Publishing Assistance Programs
SPAA Annual Speakers, Publishers & Authors Founder's Award Celebration

SPAA Slogan:
"Those Who Say What Can't Be Done, Should Never Interrupt Those Who are Doing It!"
SPAA Motto:
 "Do Today What Others Won't, To Have Tomorrow What Others Don't!"
SPAA USA - P. O. Box 22, Park Forest IL. 60466 * 708-785-7371 * www.spaausa.org


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Spaa Is  501 (c)(3) Organization, please consider making a tax deductible donation (Donations are tax exempt to the extent permitted by law)