“Those Who Say What Can't Be Done, Should Never Interrupt, Those Who Are Doing It!”

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What is The SPAA?

The SPAA is the premiere, not for profit  "Speakers, Publishers & Authors Association" a membership organization founded in 2007, by a group of nationally acclaimed Professional Speakers, Publishers & Authors.  

SPAA's primary goal is to prepare, empower & provide its members with an equal opportunity to make positive contributions to the speaking, writing, marketing & publishing industries regardless as to their religious, socioeconomic, racial, educational or handicap status.

The SPAA provides a variety of professional speaking, writing, marketing and publishing programs & services exclusively to  its members, including but not limited to the following;
SPAA Monthly Speaking, Marketing, Publishing & Writing Training & Contests
SPAA Radio & TV Hosting Opportunities and promotions
SPAA National Members (50%) Loan Publishing Assistance Programs

SPAA Slogan:
"Those Who Say What Can't Be Done, Should Never Interrupt Those Who are Doing It!"
SPAA Motto:
 "Do Today What Others Won't, To Have Tomorrow What Others Don't!"
SPAA USA - P. O. Box 22, Park Forest IL. 60466 * 708-785-7371 * www.spaausa.org

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